Deputy Prime Minister, Damian Green, Denies Claim Of ‘ Extreme ‘ Porn On Computer

Deputy Prime Minister,  Damian Green,  Denies Claim Of ‘ Extreme ‘ Porn On Computer

The Deputy Prime Minister, Damian Green,  who is Theresa May’s right-hand, is facing a fresh scandal after it was claimed police  found “extreme” porn on his Commons  computer.

Metropolitan police officers say they unearthed the material when Damian Green’s office was raided during an enquiry into leaks.

But Bob Quick, a former assistant commissioner at the Metropolitan Police, says he was forced to step down before he had a chance to report the pornography to parliamentary authorities.

His resignation came after he was pictured carrying sensitive anti-terror documents into Downing Street in 2009.

Damian Green is already under investigation over allegations of misbehaviour as he was accused by Kate Maltby, 31, to have ‘fleetingly’ touched her knee at a Waterloo pub in 2015.

Mr Green, 61, as regards the accusations if touching Kate Maltby’s knee said: “This story is completely untrue and comes from a tainted and untrustworthy source.

“I’ve been aware for some years that the discredited former assistant commissioner Bob Quick has tried to cause me political damage by leaking false information about the raid on my parliamentary office.

“No newspaper has printed this story due to the complete lack of any evidence.”

‘The police have never suggested to me that inappropriate material was found on my Parliamentary computer.

‘Nor did I have a ‘private’ computer, as has been claimed. The allegations about the material and the computer, now nine years old, are false.

‘They amount to little more than an unscrupulous character assassination.’

Deputy Prime Minister, Damian Green accused of touching Tory activist, Kate Maltby’s knee
Former Met Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick was forced to step down in 2009
Kate Maltby told The Times that Mr Green ‘fleetingly’ touched her knee during a meeting in a Waterloo pub in 2015