AVENGERS ENDGAME: Thanos’ Gauntlet Wipes Out Searches On Google

AVENGERS ENDGAME: Thanos’ Gauntlet Wipes Out Searches On Google

The internet went awash with the Avengers endgame furore and got everyone beaming with excitement to get to the nearest cinema and watch. Google joined in with the hype and created a clever Easter Egg for people searching for information on the evil character – which is a delight for fans and those desperate to avoid spoilers. And yes, spoilers šŸ˜‚ who won’t let you watch it firsthand.

A click on Thanos’ Gauntlet sets the magic and it’s got everyone wowed

A search on Thanos, portrayed by Josh Brolin, brings up the Google page as usual, with a description of the character located on the right hand side alongside an animated gauntlet.

Watch as the click on the gauntlet brings the whole eerily disappearing act

With just a click on the gauntlet and the magic happens – with the search page disappearing before your eyes in a way that eerily echoes the fate of half of the universe in Avengers: Infinity War.

Thanos’ Gauntlet

Fan rushed on to twitter to share their amazement at the hack. See below some tweets:

‘EVERYONE needs to google thanos and click on the gauntlet by his name. Iā€™m AMAZED #Thanos,’ tweeted one fan.

‘This is too cool! Search for Thanos on google. Click on the infinity gauntlet on the right and see what happens! #AvengersEndame #Thanos.’

Get on to the nearest cinema now and watch the Avengers Endgame. The rush is epic.