Cancel Oprah and OWN for backstabbing now

Cancel Oprah and OWN for backstabbing now

Time is up for Oprah Winfrey and anything associated with her to be cancelled. Let her voice , opinion and thoughts be mute for dragging Michael Jackson’s name through the mud when he had been acquitted.

She is known to associate with perverts like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton and Roman Polanski but never called them out or sat down with their accusers like Monica Lewinsky or the MeToo women.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck are known liars and scam artists who are alleging terrible accusation after previously attesting Michael Jackson never touched them.So Oprah based on allegations, sat down to tear the king down while leaving her dear friends like Geffen, Weinstein, Clinton and Polanski.

When last year Seal called Oprah a hypocrite, he was slapped down by the black community and forced to apologize even though her hypocrisy was glaring concerning Weinstein and others.Monique and late Whitney Houston have complained about this backstabbing behaviour but the black community again swept it under the carpet.

Time is up for Oprah to be permanently disowned by the black community. A slap on the wrist is not enough for this betrayal