Raped And Murdered By Uber Driver For Wearing Short Skirt

Raped And Murdered By Uber Driver For Wearing Short Skirt

A British diplomat, Rebecca Dykes,  was raped and murdered by Uber driver for wearing a short skirt.

The driver identified as Tarek Houchiye,  29, was arrested last week after he sexually assaulted and strangled to death the 30 year-old British diplomat when she took a cab home from a popular tourist bar in Beirut.

Raped and murdered by Uber driver
Uber driver identified as Tarek Houchiye raped and murdered a British diplomat because she was wearing a ‘short skirt’

She had been enjoying an evening out with friends at a bohemian bar in the city and was last seen getting into a taxi around midnight.

Raped and murdered by Uber driver
Rebecca Dykes, 30, was described as ‘smart, sharp’ and ‘classy’ and ‘not at all naïve, but well travelled’.

Her body was left dumped on the roadside with local media speculating she had been raped and then tried to run away – only for the suspect to chase her and drag her back to the car before strangling her.

She was later discovered with a rope tied around her throat and her clothing had been ripped

According to inquiries, Houchiye had only been working for Uber for ten days.

Raped and murdered by Uber driver
Tarek Houchiye with an unknown friend

On Thursday, the Interior Minister said Uber in Lebanon would have to shut down which forced drivers to protest and make a public appeal through local media.

Miss Dykes, who had been working at British embassy in Beirut as a programme and policy manager for the Department of International Development since January, was murdered just hours before she was due to fly home for Christmas.

Embassy officials were alerted to her absence when she did not arrive in the UK the next day to stay with her family for Christmas.

Miss Dyke’s body was flown on Friday in an RAF military plane from Beirut to the UK.

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.