Shervondria Mack’s Killer : Who Did It?

Shervondria Mack’s Killer : Who Did It?

26-year-old Shervondria Mack  who graduated from the Jackson State University was fatally stabbed to death by an unidentified female friend on her way back from a JSU homecoming after-party at Freelons.

Pictures of Shervondria Mack:

Shervondria Mack's killer: Who did it?

Shervondria Mack's killer: who did it?

Shervondria Mack's killer : Who did it?

Jackson Police now believe the stabbing of shervondria Mack was in self defense and was gathered that Mack was armed with a gun in the altercation.

Till now the friend is yet to be identified and no one knows the identity of the killer. There had been earlier speculations that the killer could have been a friend named Jacqueline Kennedy.

A facebook post from a William Gore alleged that the killer isn’t Jacqueline Kennedy but a lady named Lashunda.  This we are not certain about.

Shervondria Mack's Killer: Who did it?

All we want is justice for Shervondria Mack, a lady who was so full of life.   May the Lord give the family the fortitude to bear this loss.

R. I. P Shervondria Mack