Trump Vexed With UCLA Players While Innocent Wendell Brown Sits In Jail

Trump Vexed With UCLA Players While Innocent Wendell Brown Sits In Jail

If Wendell Brown had been a UCLA player,  he probably would have been out of the Chinese jail a long time ago.

Brown’s mother,  Antoinette Brown, is so ready to ‘thank’ Trump for as much as he wants if only he could intervene in her son’s case but we don’t see that happening soon whereas LaVar Ball,  father of LiAngelo Ball,  did not recognize any help from Trump.

Trump vexed with UCLA players while Innocent Wendell Brown sits in jail
Wendell Brown has been in Chinese jail for the past 14months despite being innocent

“Trump is angry over the fact that the UCLA players,  LiAngelo Ball,  Cody Riley and Jalen Hill didn’t publicly thank him and even more displeased with LaVar Ball ‘s comment as belittling his intervention on behalf of his son and the other UCLA players.   should have left them in jail!” Trump tweeted.

The UCLA players who committed a crime of shoplifting were released and absolved of all crimes while Wendell Brown who is innocent will spending yet another Thanksgiving in Chinese jail.

Trump vexed with UCLA players while innocent Wendell Brown sits in jail
UCLA players, Cody Riley, LiAngelo Ball and Jalen Hill after flying back from China

Brown who has a degree in criminal justice from Ball State University in Muncie,  Indiana, seems to be holding up pretty well.

With ehatbhis parents earn,  it is doubtedly they will be able to come up with his $100,000 bail.

Trump do need to intervene in the plight of Wendell Brown.

A troubling feature of China’s criminal justice system is that a judgment in a criminal trial can be postponed indefinitely after the trial concludes like in the case of Mark Swidan who was accused of carrying drugs. The case against him was very weak but yet,  he’s still in Chinese jail for 4 years now.

GoFundMe account  set up for Wendell Brown eight months ago has generated $14,528 so far.

We do hope for a miracle for Wendell Brown.